+  We provide advice on the selection,
acquisition, and sales of works of art.

+  Development of strategies to
raise awareness and train the public
in the face of plastic art.



+  Design, management and
administration in progress of strategic
alliances with organizations, institutions
and entities in the artistic sector, for thedevelopment of projects.


+  Design, management, and
administration of exhibition and academic

events, of the artistic order.

+  Research, analysis, representation and positioning of contemporary artistic proposals.


    Relatos de una autonomia

                                               5.1.24 - 5.8.24


"Relatos de una Autonomia,"  Art serves as a vital bridge across cultures, reflecting societal realities while challenging norms. Our selection showcases artists navigating autonomy amidst global influences. Pablo Tamayo's 'Marilyn Monroe merges formal autonomy and psychological portraiture, while Oscar Muños explores temporality and identity. Joaquín Restrepo's timeless figures echo modern art's essence, and Gustavo Vélez revitalizes sculptural tradition with classical materials. Salvador Dalí's groundbreaking expressionism, Fernando Botero's monumental contributions, and Olga de Amaral's fusion of cultures through textile art exemplify artistic authenticity. Contemporary artists like Daniel Samper and Úrsula Ochoa offer innovative reflections on landscape and gender roles. Ana Mercedes Hoyos and  David Manzur stand as icons of Latin American art, while Carlos Jacanamijoy captures nature's essence through vibrant abstractions. José Horacio Martínez delves into the individual's relationship with the environment, and Edgar Negret pioneers abstract sculpture with industrial materials.This exhibition celebrates artistic autonomy amidst diverse influences, connecting past and present in a vibrant dialogue of creativity.                                                                           Ursula Ochoa, art curator.




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